Garip AY

The art of ebru and painting

Garip Ay Born in 1984 in Siirt (Turkey), began his arts education in the painting department of the High School of Fine Arts in Diyarbakir in 2000 and later graduated with a degree in Traditional Turkish Arts from Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. In his work as an ebru artist, Mr. Ay has held numerous exhibitions, workshops and seminars around the world, from his native Turkey and the Persian Gulf region to Scandinavia, Russia and the USA. He has also taken part in various film projects, like a 180-part TV documentary series, music and concert videos, and public.

Ebru, which is generally known today as a decorative paper art, is one of the oldest Turkish arts, but exactly where or when it started remains unknown. Ebru is an art from the realms of history, presenting to us a beauty that is full of love. It can be described as painting on water. Patterns are formed on the surface of water which has had substances added to it to increase the viscosity; the patterns are then transferred to paper. The results of this process are unique and it is never possible to achieve the same design again.