WATEC Italy 2018 will host Padania Acque and Aqua Publica Europea (APE) – the European association of public water service operators that bring together 62 public companies in the water sector and reach 70 million citizens every day.

During October 24-27, Cremona will become the European water capital thanks to the exhibition organized by Kenes Exhibitions in collaboration with Cremonafiere. The exhibition will take place at the same time as the Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions.

On Friday, October 26, Padania Acque and APE will hold an important conference in WATEC. The conference will include participation from representatives of the consortium companies and other European stakeholders.  The topic for discussion will be the new European Directive currently being issued on drinking water.

“The event confirms the active role of Padania Acque in this path of excellence” – affirms the President of Padania Acque, Claudio Bodini. “It will be a moment of comparison between important European realities in terms of water quality control, types of analysis and methods of communicating data to citizens. The consumption of tap water and the consequent contrast to the pollution from plastic, is one of the topics that is receiving ever more attention and awareness from the public administration, as expressed in a recent meeting in Luxembourg, by our Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa, who calls for the banning of disposable plastic containers from all Italian and European public offices. In this process, the public water service companies of Lombardy and Veneto will support Padania Acque in improving the quality of water and water services to citizens”.

“The task of Padania Acque” – stated A.D., Alessandro Lanfranchi – “is to provide a high-quality integrated water service at contained rates, while contributing to the sustainable development of the territory. The main lines of development of the 2016-2019 business plan are focused on the completion of the purification system for all provincial waste water and on technological innovation aimed at reducing energy consumption and water losses. The event will be important to discuss the problems related to the service, but also the related solutions, in view of a concrete application of the same on our territory”.


In the picture, from the left Csaba Haranghy – CEO Budapest WaterWorks; Alessandro Lanfranchi – A.D. Padania Acque; Celia Blauel – President of Aqua Publica Europea, Presidente di Eau de Paris e vice Mayor of Paris, France; Claudio Bodini – President of Padania Acque; Alessandro Russo – President of Cap Holding, vice President of Aqua Publica Europea e vice president of Utilitalia.

WATEC Italy 2018 conference & exhibition – A four-day event that will include seminars and B2B meetings to talk about water and the future of this increasingly important resource for millions of people. WATEC Italy 2018 will focus on:

  • Sustainable agriculture and proper management of water resources (irrigation, innovative crop management, minimum soil processing, development of less demanding cultivars in terms of water)
  • Challenges and the use of water in the dairy, slaughterhouse and tanning industries
  • Water distribution: transport, storage and quality of water resources
  • Water treatment and purification from chemical contaminants (drug residues, nitrates, pesticides, synthetic molecules)