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WATEC Italy 2017: “Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference” Rural, Urban, and Industrial #WastewaterTreatment – #INDUSTRIES: Shipbuilding, Ports and Airports, Transports, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Paper and Sugar, Leather and Textile….

#PUBLICENTITIES: #Water Utilities and #WaterManagement Companies: If you would like to become an #Exhibitor of this event, or on the hunt for new Innovative Technologies, contact us!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenes Exhibitions, the Sicily Region and the Organizing Committee are proud to announce that WATEC Italy 2017 (the Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference) will take place in Palermo from June 21- June 23 www.watecitaly.com .
Many Exhibitors are registering to this event!! Check out the Exhibitors List on the Conference website now: http://www.watecitaly.com/exhibitors-list/

If you are eager to showcase new and interesting water technologies, this is your chance, Do not hesitate to contact us! Our team will be happy to assist you! #desalination #watereuse #watecitaly2017 #water&finance #watermanagement #water&security #waterloss #wastewatertreatment.

“Water and Finance” will be one of the main topics at the WATEC Italy 2017 Conference. Among the speakers, Professor Corrado Clini will give his lecture on the Economic Value of water and its related infrastructures, and Mr. Francesco Pareti will describe the EU programming in great depth. This event is organized in collaboration with the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, and Aqua Publica Europea. #water #finance #climatechange #fundingsopportunities.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us! www.watecitaly.com